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Display Ads Services

Make missed sales a thing of the past. Let ONLINE MARKETING CONSULTING OU keep your brand top of mind and create the sales opportunities your online business deserves.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is one digital marketing strategy to expand your organization’s reach into new markets and revenue growth opportunities.

Email Marketing

Successful email marketing is about more than just growing your subscriber list.
You have to know what to do with it, too.

Google Search Ads Management Services

It takes more than just clever ad copy and deep pockets to dominate the Google ad results. In fact, with the right approach, you can outbid your competitors.

eCommerce SEO Audits
& Technical SEO Services

We’ll ensure your website is performing at its best with a nine-part eCommerce SEO audit and strategy tailored just for you. Clean up your web pages, increase your site speed, and get ready to see your organic traffic, rankings, and sales grow.

Content Marketing

If you want to beat the competition and make millions for your online store, optimizing your product and category pages won’t be enough.
To really drive potential customers to your site, you need a full-fledged eCommerce content marketing strategy.


Page and product description copywriting across thousands of SKUs can be daunting. ONLINE MARKETING CONSULTING OU’s approach takes the weight off your shoulders with a personalized content strategy that makes the most sense for your business.

SEO Analytics & Reporting Services

Get the accurate reporting (and actionable insights) your business needs by working with ONLINE MARKETING CONSULTING OU’s experienced SEO analytics services team

We are Qualified

Through a discovery process, we’ll uncover your root challenges,
learn more about your business, and clarify your target market.

Define Your Target Audience

The first step in creating an effective online advertising campaign is to identify your target audience. You need to understand who your ideal customer is, what they need, and what motivates them to make a purchase. This information will help you create ads that are tailored to your target audience and more likely to convert.

Develop a Strategy

Once you have identified your target audience, the next step is to develop a strategy for your online advertising campaign. This includes choosing the right platforms to advertise on, creating compelling ad copy and visuals, and setting a budget for your campaign. You also need to determine how you will measure the success of your campaign, such as through metrics like click-through rates, conversions, and ROI. 

Create and Launch Your Ads

With your strategy in place, it's time to create your ads. This includes writing ad copy, designing visuals, and choosing the right keywords and targeting options to reach your desired audience. You also need to set up your ad accounts and launch your campaigns on your chosen platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads.

Monitor and Optimize 

Your Campaign
Once your ads are live, it's essential to monitor their performance regularly. This includes tracking key metrics, such as click-through rates, conversions, and ROI, and making adjustments to your campaigns as needed. You may need to tweak ad copy, adjust targeting options, or increase or decrease your budget to optimize your campaign and achieve the best results.

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